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7 March 2022

We will be pleased to meet you in Italy – Fieragricola Verona – from 2nd to 5th March 2022 at the International Show and 53rd National Show


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5 March 2022

Live the International Show and 53rd National Show on https://vimeo.com/event/1903136/19c1fb755d

9 April 2020

April 2020 Evaluation Run is one of the historic runs for the ANARB because of the many changes.

  1. Implementation of the One-Step calculation method for sires

After using this method to calculate cow indexes for one year, we will be using it for sire also. All genomic records collected on the female population in the last decade can be finally used to improve the accuracy of the genomic evaluation of sires.

  1. Change of the fat and protein percentage calculation method

As it happened one year ago for cows, starting from this run the calculation of the fat and protein percentage calculation method for sires will change completely. The new method can identify the differences among sires of different ages and allows a more accurate comparison between the proven sires and the young genomic sires.

  1. New Genetic base for functional and production indexes.

To avoid changing the order of magnitude of the sires’ index we decided to use for all traits the same genetic base used for type traits. The genetic base is the reference point of all genetic indexes: all animals included in the base have an average index equal to 0 for the production traits and equal to 100 for the other traits. Starting from this evaluation run, we will be using a mobile base (updated for each evaluation run) which includes ll animals born from 12 to 15 years ago. Specifically, for the  April 2020 Run, the base includes all animals born from April 2005 and April 2007. This change will be visible in the cows’ evaluation without changing the ranking of the animals.

  1. Technical adjustment of the ITE

Since the new evaluation method calculates the genetic evaluation using a single rating scale- different from the one previously used – a slight technical adjustment to the ITE calculation formula. This adjustment allows applying the CTC  selection choices more correctly.  The resulted ITE variation is minimal for cows and negligible for sires.

The records of the new genetic evaluation are available  on line from Tuesday, April 7  at 12.am


30 January 2020





Judging – Italian Heifers Show

from 02.00 pm


Judging – OB-Original Braunvieh Contest – European Brown Swiss Championship – Italian Cows Show

09.00 am – 04.30 pm

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22 January 2020

We will be pleased to meet you in Italy – Fieragricola Verona – from January 29 th to Febraury 1st at the European Brown Swiss Championship

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2 April 2019

Important news for the genetic and genomic evaluation of cows and heifers

In the index evaluation of April 2019, important news were introduced in the genetic and genomic evaluation of the female population.
Now cows and heifers are evaluated using the onestep method which, in addition to the information on bulls so far based on genomic evaluation, also uses information on the female population to improve the accuracy of the indices.
Furthermore, the evaluation for protein and fat percentages has been radically changed: now the calculation is based directly on the analysis data of the individual milk samples.

More details in the articles published in the latest issue of the magazine “la razza Bruna” (onestep) (percentages)


15 February 2019

From Monday 18 February 2019 the new ANARB database will be activated, for the genealogical book information.

From the same date the archive on the AS400 system will no longer be available.

The power of this new data base is based on the automatic and continuous acquisition of new data from Siall (LG events, productions, etc.) and of changes / corrections on existing data.

The consultation of information in aggregate form, the certifications and other services made available on Bruna online remain unchanged.

For more information, please contact the Herding Book office or telephone at 045 6760 131

13 February 2019


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2 January 2019

Bruna2019 – Fix the date!

The 51st National Brown Herdbook Show will take place in Montichiari at the Centro Fiera del Garda from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd February 2019.




Anarb  Central Technical Committee

Some very important decisions were made during the latest CTC: the new ‘on-step’ method for gentic and genomic evaluations, the new udder index (from December 2018), improved genetic indexes for fat and protein. More info on the next issue of rb, rivista ‘la razza bruna’.



The December Evaluation Run shows a high genetic value of the sires selected with genomics. The newest entries are in the First Run Sires list and the new udder index. The sires with the highest number of Rank 99 daughters are Italian: Zephir and Bender. The daman dog female genotyping has been increasing lately.

 Achieved goals

The complete report and the technical  goals achieved by the ANARB in the past year. The average milk production is 7,425 kg with 4.05% fat and 3.95% protein. The average casein content is 2.86%. The genotype of Beta-casein A2A2 is 67%. K-casein BB is 82.5%.


An excellent year

In 2018 about eigthy Bruna show were organized, a record compared to the previous years: Pasturo, Cogolo, Doccio, Valtrompia, Livigno, Erbezzo, Serina, Vedeseta, Dossena, Colorina, Velturno, Livinallongo, and Lenna where the first  Bruna Originaria Show took place. The Minister Mr. Gian Marco Centinaio visited the show in Noceto.


LATTeco AnarbNew data base

The PSRN requires the collection and the use of a wide number of new records collected by the control stations and on the field. Some of the advantages of the innovative and updated  database implemented by the ANARB  to manage LATTeco records include cross checks, easy access, registration and management of new phenotypic records.


LATTeco AnarbExperimental cattle barn

To provide the most innovative records required by the LATTeco Project, the ANARB Genetic Center has been transformed in an updated control station for the male and female Brown cattle.


LATTeco AnarbBruna Days

Selection, animal well being, milk quality, biodiversity and environment safeguard are the key words of the LATTeco Project which characterized the Autumn meetings held  in Viggiano, Potenza for Central and Southern Italy and Fidenza, Parma for Northern Italy. The events were attended by a large number of visitors. The breeders who stood out for their selection results were awarded during the meetings.


LATTeco AnarbReport

The Report about the activities carried out by the ANARB within the project LATTeco –dairy breeds and sustainable selection methods – is available on line.


National photo contest: disolabruna®

On December 4th the 2nd  National disolabruna cheese contest organized by the Consorzio valorizzazione prodotti razza Bruna italiana in cooperation with ONAF (National cheese tasters’association) took place in Bussolengo , Verona. Fifteen Master Tasters together with the sensorial analyst of the Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano judged the cheese. The results will be released soon and the prizes given to the producers.


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