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15 February 2019

From Monday 18 February 2019 the new ANARB database will be activated, for the genealogical book information.

From the same date the archive on the AS400 system will no longer be available.

The power of this new data base is based on the automatic and continuous acquisition of new data from Siall (LG events, productions, etc.) and of changes / corrections on existing data.

The consultation of information in aggregate form, the certifications and other services made available on Bruna online remain unchanged.

For more information, please contact the Herding Book office or telephone at 045 6760 131

28 October 2018
The second Bruna Day of 2018 will take place on Tuesday, October 30th in Northern Italy (Fidenza, Parma) on the farm owned by Mr. Corrado Barella, a member of disolabruna. The subject of the meeting is “Milk Quality and Biodiversity”. Visit the site for further information.
Bruna Breed Shows
The rich schedule of the Brunashows is available on line. On Saturday, October 20 the Final of The “Queens and Princesses of the Valley” took place in Serina, Bergamo, and the Local cattle show took place in Malonno, Brescia. On Sunday, October 21st the interprovincial show took place in Doccio, Vercelli. About forty successful Cattle Show have been organized in Italy.
Dairy cattle Show Cremona
The Project LATTeco will be promoted by the ANARB during the International Dairy Show in Cremona from 24th to 27th October.
LATTeco – Biodiversity
On Sunday, October 28th at 8.am, the 1st Original Braunvieh Cattle Show will take place in Alta Val Brembana, Bergamo.
The genomic  indexes will be updated on the ANARB website every two weeks. Next update: November 1st.
Milk quality
High protein content and excellent organoleptic features: this is the new DOP Asiago cheese produced with Italian Brown milk in a limited edition. An intense milk smell and a traditional structure.
The ANARB participated in the meeting “Emotions in the valley: a land, its products and a breed” presenting “The Bruna and its Milk” in Vedeseta, Bergamo.
After being chosen for the final, the Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months disolabruna® produced by Caseificio Gennari won the Italian Cheese Awards (8th class –over 24 month seasoning ) surpassing the cheeses FormaggioVaccheRosseRazzaReggianaand Fiore Sardodop on Saturday, 13h October.
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Europe invests in rural areas
Submeasure 10.2 – PSRN Biodiversity
Management Authority: MIPAAF
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

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