Genetic Index - New

Three new indexes highlight the most valuable features of the Italian Brown breed.

disolabruna® INDEX
The disolabruna index enhances the sires with outstanding quality milk traits and cheese making related traits. The top sires usually adapt better to different breeding conditions and give a remarkable income as a result of a higher quality of milk and of cheese yield.
The main objective of the disolabruna index is giving high quality milk and cheese production. For this reason its main elements include protein kg, protein percentage, fat percentage, and k-casein variant.
From a technical point of view the disolabruna index is an aggregate index which includes the following traits listed according to their weight: kg protein 55%, protein 20%, fat 5%, SCS5%, milking speed 5%, longevity 5%, and udder 5%. The weight of Kg protein is increased of 20% for the k-casein BB sires and of 10% for the k-casein AB sires.
Functionality and Fitness Index
The Functionality and Fitness Index highlights the sires with excellent fitness traits, which means a great ability to adapt to modern production standards. The objective of this index is featuring top functional traits.
The Functionality and Fitness Index is calculated using the following weights: SCS 15%, Milking Speed 10%, Longevity 20%, Feet and Legs, 5%, Strength and Vigor 10%, kg protein 25%, Protein Percentage 10%.
Calving Interval Index
Together with the BSC index, the Calving Interval Index gives a first, general idea of the cow fertility level. Further research will be carried out to calculate a more complex fertility index.
Cow Genomic Index
The Genomic Index will be officially calculated for the females having a DNA test available. It will be published in our selection bulletins with the SCS Index and the Milking Speed Index.
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