The Genetic Center of the Italian Brown Cattle Breeders’ Association (ANARB) is situated at Località Ferlina in Bussolengo, Verona on a large plan 53,350 sq.meters wide, with buildings 5,030 sq.meters wide. It is 3km away from the highway exit of Verona Nord.

The opening of the Genetic Center, whose construction was financed by the Agriculture Ministry, has allowed a more efficient solution of the organizing, technical and scientific problems existing in Italy and abroad associated to a selection program which aims to a better exploitation of the Brown breed features, especially the high protein and casein content of its milk, which is one of the most suitable milk to make fresh and seasoned cheese.

The Genetic Center is managed by the Italian Brown Cattle Breeders’ Association (ANARB) according to the technical decisions made by the Technical Central Committee.

At the Genetic Center the young bulls that meet the genetic requirements to be progeny tested and later used in AI centers undergo a performance test, which is a group of tests and controls taken between 6 and 13 months of age.

The Genetic Center area includes:

"A"- Admission Barn or isolation barn (582.5 sq.m.). All bulls entering the Genetic Center stay in the isolation barn. Young bulls stay here 40 days before starting their Performance Test.

"B" - Performance Test Barn (2601.9 sq.m.). The feeding tests, weight tests, type tests, reproduction ability tests are taken here.

"C" - Barn for special genetics bulls and for new blood line bulls (waiting for progeny test results), (996.6 sq.m.) where the bulls waiting for their genetic evaluation are kept.

"D" - Organization Offices.
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