The statutory mission of the Italian Brown Breeders’ Association (Anarb) is ruled and defined by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies (Mipaaf). It aims to develop and ameliorate the activity of breed improvement and the promotion of the breed economic value by establishing and managing of the Brown breed Herdbook, promoting studies and research, accomplishing the tasks and the functions appointed by the Government, promoting cattle shows in order to publicize the results the progress made the breed through selection, promoting the productive features of the breed as one of the most suitable breeds to produce quality cheese.

All the activities carried out by the Anarb are certified according to the European regulations and international Iso 9001:2008 standards (International Organisation for Standardization) as a “quality management system”. Anarb also manages the Genetic Centre which houses the best Italian genetics for the future. It provides services and it edits and publishes technical material. At international level is
a member of the European Federation and the World Association of the Brown Breed.


Italian Brown
Casein, longevity and functionality are the keywords that characterize the breeding of the Italian Brown. The Italian Brown Breed distinguishes itself by its quality productions. Quality means that its milk contents are in ideal proportion, that milk quality and milk quantity are well balanced, that its k-casein BB content is high and its somatic cell count is low. All this makes its milk especially suitable for cheese production. The Italian Brown is noted for its longevity, functionality, adaptability, calving ease, strength, disease resistance and docility.
At the top of international rankings, the Italian selection of the Brown Breed is increasingly in demand worldwide because it offers a wide choice of new sires’ lines. Italy offers not only semen from top quality sires, but also sexed semen, embryos and living animals.

A collection of articles published in the magazine “rb-la razza bruna”
The last genomic evaluation

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7 March 2022

We will be pleased to meet you in Italy – Fieragricola Verona – from 2nd to 5th March 2022

5 March 2022

Live the International Show and 53rd National Show on https://vimeo.com/event/1903136/19c1

9 April 2020

April 2020 Evaluation Run is one of the historic runs for the ANARB because of the many ch

4 February 2020

European Brown Swiss Championship Classifications Italian National Show Classifications OB

30 January 2020

  https://youtu.be/zWauTr040As   THURSDAY 30th JANUARY 2020 Judging – Italian H

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22 January 2020

We will be pleased to meet you in Italy – Fieragricola Verona – from January 29 th to Febr

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