Italian Brown Cattle Breeders’ Association
Loc. Ferlina, 204 – 37012 Bussolengo (VR) – Italy
Ph. +39 (045) 6760111 r.a. – Fax +39 (045) 7156655
http: //www.anarb.it – e-mail: anarb@anarb.it

The National Association, founded in 1957, has the following goals:

• the improvement of the Brown Breed also view of a higher economic value;
• the management of the Herdbook according to the instructions of the Central Technical Committee by the Central Office and of 65 Province Offices;
• the promotion of studies and researches bound to solve technical problems, in cooperation with Government organizations and Research Centers;
• management of the Genetic Centre: the Performance-test are carried out for all the future progeny test bulls;
• bulls with an interesting genetic merit and from new blood lines waiting for their genetic evaluations;
• the promotion, also cooperating with other bodies, of Brown cattle shows in order to point out the progress achieved through selection;
the editing and the distributions of technical publications.

Among the large number of the qualified activities relative to genetic selection and to the services offered by the National Association, the most remarkable are those concerning: the printing of worksheets, pedigree certificates and registers of the National Herdbook Office, of the catalogues of the National and local shows, of animals catalogues (Conoscere i tori, Un anno di Bruna, Indice vacche), the linear type classification, the blood-type tests, the milkability tests, the performance tests, the progeny tests, the genetic evaluation of sires, the planned matings, the artificial insemination, the embryo transplants and a service which gives assistance to the Brown cattle breeders in the marketing and the promotion of activities useful to the exploitation of the Brown cattle.

• World brown population: 10,000,000 head
• Italian brown population derived animals included: 500,000 head in all regions

Herdbook registered animals n. 160,000
Milk-controlled cows n. 104,333
Herds n. 7,602
Average herd size n. 21 head
Members 65 provinces (all Province organisms Breeders’ Associations federations or unions-having a Brown Breed Department where a province Herdbook Office operates are members of the Association)
7 National Breed’s supervisors
16 National Breed’s classifiers
112 Province Breed’s classifiers

To fullfil its statue task and its various duties the National Association also operates besides the technical and accouting services:

• a data processing department connected “on-line” to other national and province offices. It has a national file on magnetic tapes which allows a faster edition and pubblication of the Herdbook work-sheets, pedigree certificates and registers, satisfying also the needs of all departments of the Association;
• a photocomposition department cooperating with all the Services an Departments of the Association. It also edits and prints the official magazine “la razza bruna”.

For further information, please contact the National Association where all technical press and brochures about the breed are available. The official magazine “la razza bruna”, published bimonthly, is sent by mail subscription

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7 March 2022

We will be pleased to meet you in Italy – Fieragricola Verona – from 2nd to 5th March 2022

5 March 2022

Live the International Show and 53rd National Show on https://vimeo.com/event/1903136/19c1

9 April 2020

April 2020 Evaluation Run is one of the historic runs for the ANARB because of the many ch

4 February 2020

European Brown Swiss Championship Classifications Italian National Show Classifications OB

30 January 2020

  https://youtu.be/zWauTr040As   THURSDAY 30th JANUARY 2020 Judging – Italian H

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22 January 2020

We will be pleased to meet you in Italy – Fieragricola Verona – from January 29 th to Febr

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Assemblea Soci Anarb @ Roma
Nov 27 @ 10:30 – 15:00
Conferenza Europea Razza Bruna @ Imst, Austria
Mar 29 – Mar 31 all-day
Conferenza Europea Razza Bruna @ Imst, Austria
Mar 30 – Apr 2 all-day
Conferenza Europea Razza Bruna @ Imst, Austria
Mar 31 – Apr 3 all-day
Nov 7 @ 14:30 – 18:30

La Commissione tecnica centrale Anarb si riunisce per discutere i seguenti argomenti all’ordine del giorno:

  • Insediamento della Commissione tecnica centrale.
  • Nomina del presidente e dei vice-presidenti.
  • Programma genetico della razza Bruna.
  • Valutazione one-step.
  • Informative.
  • Varie ed eventuali.

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Prossimo Ingresso al Centro @ Centro Genetico ANARB
Apr 6 – Apr 7 all-day

Prelievi sanitari a partire dal:  11/03/2020

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Codice Allevamento : 015 VR 049

Prossimo Ingresso al Centro @ Centro Genetico ANARB
Apr 7 – Apr 8 all-day

Prelievi sanitari a partire dal:  11/03/2020

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Codice Allevamento : 015 VR 049

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